Tumblers Registration & Payment Policies


All gymnasts, judges, coaches and volunteers must purchase a Gymnastics Saskatchewan Membership, Tumblers Membership and t-shirt. All registrants must complete the online Gym Sask registration form, a personal liability form and a photographic release form for media purposes. These forms are found on Amelia (online registration platform)

A Tumblers Gymnastics T-shirt is required by all registrants and is used in providing coach education with our coaching staff.  By investing in our coaching staff we are investing in the future of the club, community and enriches our childrens' lives.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made using one of the following options:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Email/Bank Money Transfer
  • Credit Card

Recreational Program

Payment in full at the time of registration. Payment for any program must be made online.  Our system accepts cheque, or email or money transfer. Kidsport funding may be available, and forms can be found on the bottom of this page and must be returned to Tumblers Gymnastics.  

Developmental/Competitive Program

This program is by invitation only and all children must be evaluated by the head coach.  Register online after getting the password from Tumblers Gymnastics.  Post dated cheques made out for the monthly fee should be be dated the first day of each month. The first payment (which includes your membership, insurance and administrative fee) is due at the time of registration and should include the Gymnastics Saskatchewan membership fee, administration fee and the first months payment. The remaining postdated cheques MUST be attached to your registration forms. Registration will not be considered complete until all forms and postdated cheques are submitted. All outstanding fees must be brought up to date on your account prior to registration in any subsequent sessions. There will be a 10% discount on a full year of payments for all competitive/precompetitive at the beginning of the competition year (Sept 1st).


There will be a $30.00 service charge for all NSF cheques.


Families who have more than one child participating in our gymnastics program will receive a family discount. Full fees will be charged to the gymnast in the most costly program, and a 10% discount will be applied to all subsequent children’s fees.



Any withdrawal from classes require will be subject to a $30 cancellation fee plus the cost of any classes attended. The Gymnastics Saskatchewan Membership is non-refundable but will be valid until August 31..

Withdrawal from class due to a prolonged medical condition requires a medical note from a Physician stating that the athlete is no longer able to participate. Refund will be pro rated based on the remaining number of classes. If your child would like to return to gymnastics once he/she has recovered we require a doctor’s note stating that it is safe to do so. All competitive classes will require a minimum of one month’s notice and are subject to all cancellation fees. Tumblers Gymnastics does not provide make up classes for missed classes unless the class has been cancelled by the gym. Please email the office for details.


No refunds, credits are provided if your child misses a class for other than the following reasons:

  • Your child’s class is cancelled by Tumblers Gymnastics.
  • Due to a medical condition as described above (confirmation required)

Tumblers Non- Profit FUNDRAISING

Fundraising is not a requirement but will be made accessible  families who wish to utilize it in one of three different ways.  To put on your child's membership account, to put on someone else's account or to donate funds to the club for club improvement equipment purchases etc.  

We will be doing bottle drives and the occasional fundraising opportunity such as moms pantry or Smokehause to help fund children's fee's, competition fees, new equipment and make facility improvements. Volunteer positions are available at the gym for those wishing to receive credit for their child’s program fees.  We are looking for a fundraising coordinator for Sept 2017 to join are team.  

Kidsport Funding Application.
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